G-House Spearheaders Amine Edge & DANCE Are Back In The States

By | November 4, 2015
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The last couple of years has seen the G-House movement rise to infiltrate dance music festivals world over, spearheaded by two French blokes that decided to fuse their love for hip-hop and house music and create a characteristic style that has had people grooving ever since.

Hailing from the South of France, Amine Edge & DANCE‘s signature sound combines the big bass of funk and inspirations of Hip-House of the late ’80s released on their own Cuff label among others. Their gangster brand and sound has been so successful, that the duo launched an Ibiza residency at Sankeys last year and are now hosting showcases and label stages across the United States, Europe and more.


This fall, Amine Edge & DANCE have returned to North America on a tour with stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, New York, Boston, Albuquerque and San Francisco. As you can imagine, the boys are busy and right in the middle of it all but they gave me the chance of asking them a few essential questions ahead of their Nov 6th stop at the world-famous Spybar Chicago:

DownBeats: Your label and party, CUFF, has been gaining a lot of traction in Europe with a flurry of emerging artists featured in your releases and line-ups. Can you name a couple of your favorites we should be on the lookout for here in Chicago?

AE&D: We are constantly looking for new sounds and new music. Our next releases on CUFF are with Elomak, Tim Baresko, Luke Larrell and DLC to name a few. All of them are amazing, just wait to hear them!

DownBeats: Alright I will be on the lookout! I am also looking forward to seeing you at Spybar this week! Are there any past and present Chicago artists you guys look up to or draw inspiration from?

AE&D: Chicago is the mecca of house music. We want to say big love to DJ Rashad, one of our favorite Chicago artists who unfortunately passed away in 2014. We also have mad love for our all time heroes: DJ Deeon, Dj Slugo, DJ Funk and all of these crews of crazy mother fuckers who follow no rules yet influence the world (and us included) with their honest “don’t-give-a-shit” music vibe. They should have a street with their name or status in Chicago too, like they did for the late Frankie Knuckles – may he rest in peace. There are so, so, so many artists who come from Chicago and inspire us. Many different styles of music were born in Chitown that have inspired the world and keep inspiring the world to this day.

DownBeats: Alright this is a personal question and not related to music. I notice that you both wear a lot of hats,  literally all the time. Do you each have a favorite hat you could never part with? Why is it your favorite?

AE: We do love hats (laughs), but I don’t have a favorite. We have a favorite every month or something like that because we get bored easily. Last month it was my SSUR hat, now I’m in love with my AKIRA hat that I have in white and in red. I didn’t find the black one though because that one’s impossible to find.

DANCE: Yes, I’ve actually been a hat addict since I was a kid. I have more than maybe 200 at home! I don’t have favorites but I don’t really like snapbacks anymore. I am more into basic Ralph Lauren hats and yesterday I bought one that says “Free Shmurda” on it. I love it!



I am super excited for this Friday night and for Chicago to show the G-House movement just how this city gets down. If you want to catch their Spybar set, you can for FREE by using password “HOUSE OF CHI”: entry is free for girls all night and until 12am for guys.

Spybar Event Info

North American Tour Info

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