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North Coast Line-Up Highlights Local Talent Alongside International Heavyweights

The moment people in Chicago start to talk about North Coast is always a bittersweet one. Although it is one of the most anticipated festivals in the city, it also signals the end of summer and with its harsh winters, that’s never a welcomed time of the year in the Windy City. Hosted in Union […]

7 Ways Summer Set Music Festival is Doing It Right

Summer Set is quickly becoming a mainstay in the Midwest festival circuit. Just in its fourth year, SSMF has elevated itself to a can’t miss on the summer schedule. Located about 45 minutes east of Minneapolis in Somerset, Wisconsin, the festival is situated on an enormous campground that’s ideally suited for this many people to […]

Rocking The Redwoods At Northern Nights 2015

Despite considering myself a festival veteran – I have been attending festivals across Europe and the United States for 12 years now – this past week’s experience at Northern Nights proved to be a singular and unique weekend unlike any other I have ever been a part of. On its third year, the three-day festival […]


Chicago may very well be the birthplace of House music, but it is no secret that the biggest dance music festival in the city largely caters to a predominantly EDM crowd. Spring Awakening Music Festival, as we know it, launched at Soldier Field as a two-day festival in June of 2012 with a line-up that saw Skrillex […]

Max Graham talkes Cycles 6, the importance of hearing protection and Chicago

If you’re into dance music, and more specifically trance, progressive house and yes even techno, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard of Max Graham. An extremely talented producer and composer, Max is as well known for his production as his skills behind the decks. What sets him apart, however, is his versatility and ever-evolving music […]

Could Nerve Implants Be The Future Cure For Tinnitus?

Have you ever left a concert with a distinct ringing in your ear? As most DownBeats users know, loud noises can damage one’s hearing and possibly result in tinnitus, the deabilitating condition where the sufferer hears noises when there is no outside source for it. Statistically, 10 percent of the world’s population suffers from this […]

So you want to buy ear plugs…

The other day a friend asked me, “So I get that I should probably be wearing hearing protection, but I don’t know what makes a product good. I’ve never done this before – what should I be looking at when I’m shopping for ear plugs?” It’s a great question. If you’ve gotten to this point […]

Why Wear DownBeats?

As the founder of DownBeats, I get asked this all the time – “Why should I wear hearing protection?” My answer may vary in delivery, but the answer always involves three points – prolonged listening leads to short term hearing damage and audio fatigue, which in turn impairs sound quality, but also can lead to […]