Jody Wisternoff on Anjunadeep06, playing in Chicago and tinnitus

By | September 25, 2014
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This coming Saturday 27th of September, Chicago’s Spybar will play host to Jody Wisternoff, a man whose work helped put UK electronic music on the map back in the 90s. As one half of Way Out West with Nick Warren, Jody has been at the forefront of the progressive house music sound for over two decades. We are happy Vested Chicago was able to bring him back to one of our favorite underground clubs in Chicago for a night of forward-thinking music, supported by such local artists as RJ Pickens, Hummingbird and Cinna.

We will be at Spybar on Saturday giving 40 pairs of DownBeats to the first 40 people to walk through the door. For info on door policy including FREE entry click HERE.


We caught up briefly with the Anjunadeep artist ahead of his visit to the windy city to discuss his latest Anjunadeep 06 compilation and his past struggle with tinnitus, a hearing problem that affects more DJs than most would think.

Marco: We’ve had the pleasure to listen to Anjunadeep Volume 06 and found it to be beautifully put together. How was it working with James Grant in mixing this compilation? How did did the creative process work in selecting which tracks to feature considering there were two musical minds at work on it?

Jody: Thank you very much! It was a real pleasure getting our heads together and coming up with more of a coherent musical journey which we felt was afforded to us by working in this way. We both drew from the same submissions and there was obviously no issue of who gets first dibs [laughs]. Luckily we are on the same page musically so it was literally a case of jamming it out and figuring out which tracks we love the most and in which order they sound best!


[Photo: Music Radar]

Marco: Is there a name or two from the Anjunadeep label we should watch out for in the upcoming months?

Jody: Journeyman are one of my current favourites. Lane 8 is obviously doing really strong stuff , and all the Cubicolor stuff is out of this world!

Marco: We love seeing that you’ve visited Chicago for a few gigs recently. As the birthplace of house music, does it ever feel different playing in Chicago compared to other cities?

Jody: Yea , Chicago has become one of my most frequented and absolute favourite destinations to play in the States! Obviously the heritage of this city regarding house music is a tangible force, and I think this vibe does rub off on people even if its only on a subconscious level . I find I can play a slightly more vocal heavy style here, which is always fun!

Marco: Unfortunately we know you suffer from tinnitus and had some pretty enduring times dealing with the condition. How did this condition come about?

Jody: Pretty much from blasting monitors over the years and not wearing earplugs.. Naughty naughty 

Marco: Was adequate ear protection available and used generally in the scene at the time?

Jody: Not as much as now, definitely not .

Marco: Why do you think this was the case?

Jody: It wasn’t something we really considered much, as tinnitus from a Saturday night always seemed to fade by Monday morning. We were all younger and more rock’n’roll back then [laughs] 

Marco: What advice can you give up-and-coming DJs and dance music listeners to prevent them from contracting tinnitus or suffering from any other hearing problems?

Jody: Basically just look after yourself and don’t push things too far, in all ways. Musicians’ earplugs are highly recommended as they maintain the sonic balance whilst just reducing the DB level, and will prevent any hearing damage which can be (but is not always) a tinnitus trigger . But most importantly, DONT PANIC!! Tinnitus always ramps up when you are stressed so you need to be good to yourself and relax the nervous system. Once you understand this, the condition is under control!


It’s always refreshing to hear DJs of such caliber advise on the importance of protecting our hearing at festivals, clubs and concerts. We are excited to contribute to Jody’s message on ear protection on Saturday with our DownBeats giveaway so come on early and grab your free pair on us!


Event Info:

646 N. Franklin (between Ontario and Erie)
10pm-5am | 21+ | parking/valet available





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