Oliver Dollar on Movement Detroit and the launch of his new label: Industry Standard

By | June 3, 2015
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It has been a week since I came back from Movement Electronic Music Festival and the PMD (Post Movement Depression) is still very real. One of Sunday’s highlights was Oliver Dollar’s set at the Movement Main Stage smack in the middle of that sunny afternoon – the perfect dose of house to get the day started. Featuring some of the anthems that put Oliver’s name on the map such as “Doing Ya Thang” and “Pushing On“, as well as some unreleased tracks that should hit the shelves this summer, his set had the crowd grooving early for what was set to be a very long day in Detroit.

Despite being in high demand, we had the chance to chat with him briefly after his set to talk Movement, his upcoming gig at Spybar Chicago and his plans for summer.

Oliver $

DownBeats: “Hi Oliver? How are you?”

Oliver: “Great, it’s been a great day.”

DownBeats: “I arrived to the festival in time for your entire set on Main Stage. This was your first time playing Movement and you got to do it on such a big setting. How was it for you?”

Oliver: “Oh absolutely incredible, the crowd was enjoying the tracks and dancing. It’s always an honor to play in Detroit, and now to play Movement was really special.”

DownBeats: I handed him a pair of DownBeats ear plugs. “Have you ever heard of DownBeats? Do you wear earplugs when you DJ?”

Oliver: “Not when I DJ, as I need to hear what I am playing and more often than not the monitors are not so loud. When I am producing or in the studio it’s one thing but when I am DJing it’s different, I need the vibes and to hear the music as best as possible and the monitor settings sometimes don’t help with that.”

DownBeats: “An artist what is your viewpoint on ear plugs and ear protection?”

Oliver: “It’s absolutely important. I get my hearing checked regularly and I am actually just coming back from a checkup with my doctor the other week. It’s super important. My ears are my capital, and if they don’t work I don’t work. Over the years, the doctor has always said I am good, so I am thankful for that.”

(Oliver then points to a custom-made shirt I am wearing that reads “Steffi & Rodhad & Dettmann & Klock” and points out that I am representing the German techno today)

DownBeats: “Yeah I am a big fan of these guys. Which area of Germany are you originally from?”

Oliver: “From a small city up north in Germany, but 17 years ago I moved over to Berlin. It’s similar to Detroit; it has similar vibes. I don’t know what it is, it keeps me creative.”


Oliver $ Mainstage at Movement Detroit

DownBeats: “Where else have you played in Detroit when you came here before?”

Oliver: “TV Lounge. Grasshopper twice. All great gigs.”

DownBeats: “We are from Chicago, I hear you have a gig coming up at Spybar?”

Oliver: Yeah. That’s in August right? I played Smartbar two to three years ago and Primary also. Derek (Specs, owner of Primary) is the man. I look forward to the gig in August , I hear great things about Dino and the crew at Spybar so I am really looking forward to it.

DownBeats: Doing any other parties as a fan this weekend at Movement?

Oliver: Yeah probably going down to the Dirtybird party at the Filmore tonight to check it out. Other than that no plans, so we will see what we get into.

DownBeats: We hear you are playing Ibiza this summer right? Can you tell us about it?

Oliver: I am doing several shows at Pacha. I am doing Amnesia and Sankey’s. Doorly’s night at Sankeys, he is such a homie. I really look forward to these.

DownBeats: I know you have a big track coming out called “Shout Away” and there’s some big things coming out with it?

Oliver: The promo just started, it’s actually coming out next week. I produced it with my mate Chuck Daniels here in Detroit, actually. I just decided to put it out as the first release of my own label called Industry Standard.

(Oliver then points to a shirt with the Industry Standard label)

DownBeats: Wow these look good where can I get some?

Oliver: Oh you will be able to get some, but not yet. Let me release the music first! (laughs)

DownBeats: (laughs) Of course, but they look great, good luck with the track and the label. It was a pleasure to speak to you!

Oliver: Thank you and thank you for the DownBeats!

Oliver $

I definitely encourage anyone in Chicago to join me for his Spybar gig this coming August. Make sure to stay up to date with Oliver Dollar’s tour dates via his FB or Twitter and be on the look out for the release of “Shout Away” and the launch of his Industry Standard label.


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