Avicii’s Final Journal Entries Highlight Continued Struggle With Mental Health

Avicii’s Final Journal Entries Highlight Continued Struggle With Mental Health

It is safe to assume that the vast majority of EDM fans in today’s world are aware of Avicii, his music, his struggles and the legacy he has left behind. A new book now opens a window into the battles the famed Swedish artist was still fighting leading up to his tragic suicide.

Måns Mosesson’s new book, titled Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii, underscores the legendary dance music producer and DJ’s daily mental health struggles in a way that were never known before. The official Avicii biography includes personal journal entries from the 28-year-old EDM artist, whose who tragic 2018 sent ripples through the international electronic music community.

The journal entries come from his days when hospitalized for drug and alcohol abuse, illustrating his constant struggle to break the cycle of addiction and its connection to his mental health battles.

“I had a hard time accepting never drinking again though strongly suggested from all doctors to wait at least a year before even having a beer,” Avicii wrote in his journal. “Of course, I didn’t listen to the majority of the doctors, I listened to the couple who said it was OK if I was careful. I was ignorant and naive and touring the world, still on the never-ending tour — because once you’ve circled it once, guess what? You start right back over again.”

Two years prior, Avicii had announced his retirement from touring with an open letter to this fans, opening up about his need to live an ordinary life away from the mental and physical burdens of his touring schedule.


“I am blessed to be able to travel all around the world and perform, but I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist,” he wrote at the time. Unfortunately, by the time Avicii had stopped touring and gone through rehab, the negative effects of his previous lifestyle had taken a firm hold on him.

Things had gotten so dire, that Avicii went as far as to write that his days in the hospital were “vacations” from the anxiety and stress of his otherwise everyday life. His final journey entry, written the day before his suicide, reportedly reads the following tragic, devastating last words: “The shedding of the soul is the last attachment, before it restarts!”

Proceeds from sales of the book will benefit the Tim Bergling Foundation, a charity launched by Avicii’s parents in their son’s memory to fund research and develop preventative solutions against suicide. You can purchase your copy of Avicii’s official biography here.

If you are struggling with suicidal and self-harm throughts, you can call the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or head to to SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

H/T: The Daily Beast

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