How It Works

The Cure for the Sonic Hangover

Rock. Electronic. Hip Hop. Country. Whatever your sound is, you love hearing live music. But sometimes live music doesn’t love you back. Extended listening not only leads to the immediate sonic hangover, but it can eventually result in long term hearing issues. Worse yet, you end up losing quality in the music because of audio fatigue.

Don’t sacrifice your fun or your health – work hard and play harder with DownBeats. Wear DownBeats now and avoid music-related hearing damage later. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to hear the things you want to hear, like music and conversation, better than you ever knew you could. It’s not an ear plug. It’s a lifestyle.

What's a "Sonic Hangover"?

If you’ve gone to see music, you’ve almost certainly had a sonic hangover. You’re standing up front, loving every minute of the show. Maybe you don’t notice it at first, or maybe you begin to feel like your ears are hurting a little bit. It’s afterward when it really appears – you step out into the world and suddenly you can’t hear sounds the way you could when you entered the show. It’s like the volume of life has been turned down. Or, worse yet, you can only hear one thing – a constant ringing in your ears.

The sonic hangover is a medical phenomenon that occurs because of loud noise exposure. Inability to hear after a show is called Temporary Threshold Shift, while ringing in the ears can be an early sign of tinnitus, a type of hearing damage that is permanent and long term. DownBeats solve both of these problems, helping you to avoid concert hearing loss. DownBeats also improve audio quality by ensuring that your ears aren’t fatigued. Better sound, better health – what more could you ask for?

How Downbeats Work

Calling DownBeats “ear plugs” isn’t really the best description. That’s because DownBeats don’t stop sound in its tracks like a traditional foam ear plug. Instead, DownBeats filter sound, ensuring that the highest quality sounds are reaching your ears while the harsh noises and feedback are left out with the crowd.

DownBeats take the sound, reduce it an overall 18 decibels, and channel it acoustically into your ears, making sure you have the optimal resonance in your ears at a sustainable level. Try them for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. That’s a guarantee.

Sonic Satisfaction Awaits