EDC 2024: A Downbeats Must-See Guide

EDC 2024: A Downbeats Must-See Guide

May is one of the busiest months for the electronic music community, with three of its biggest festivals hitting in rapid succession.

The time has come to hone in on EDC, which kicks festivities off with a bang this weekend. Each year, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway transforms into a technicolor wonderland with over 500,000 ravers descending upon it to dance the weekend away

The event is a bonafide sampling platter of subgenres that fit any fancy, boasting a lineup of 230+ DJs. With the festival rapidly approaching, one might wonder, "where do I begin with my schedule?" Don't worry, Downbeats is "hear" to help excavate the mountain of musical talent and unearth true hidden gems on the roster that make ears tingle and feet stomp.

A reminder before jumping: EDC's sound systems are killer—not just in quality, but also in that their decibel levels can cause permanent hearing damage within just 1-2 hours of exposure. That's why one of the most important items to pack is good quality ear protection. Downbeats ear plugs are a useful companion to bring on the journey; they're affordable in price, and hi-fidelity, which means they turn the volume down and cut off the bad frequencies without sacrificing sound quality. 

And now, without further ado, we present the underrated, yet must-see talent to catch this weekend at the Speedway:



Proper dubstep (NOT brostep) is having a renaissance, and we are HERE for it. SICARIA, a regular on Rinse FM and the British club circuit, is one of those leading the charge, serving up rich and decadent wubs that rattle the insides in the best of ways. On the verge of making a big break right now, is the perfect time to jump on the SICARIA bandwagon with a likely phenomenal EDC set. 


Adam X

Adam X is a true head and techno staple who's put heads down on dancefloors since 1990. Akin to other legends on the bill like Carl Cox, Four Tet, and Richie Hawtin, he's one that can reliably provide a powerful set in any environment—from a warehouse to the festival stage. Prepare for an hour of pulsating, hypnotic beats with a refined sound. 


Bianca Oblivion

A hometown hero of LA who's transcended to the global underground, Bianca Oblivion's brain is as sharp (she's a Yale grad) as her fingers on the decks. She dabbles in sounds from all over the world, blending them into the sonic equivalent of a nine course meal with seamless transitions between each dish. Catch her outside the festival pushing for more queer and POC spaces in the rave scene.


John 00 Fleming

On the note of tenured legends, John 00 Fleming is one of the best in his game with 35 years behind him on the decks. He proudly flies the trance banner, but is not your typical trance DJ. He pushes the underground, dark side of trance while playing extremely unique sets that travel seamlessly across psy trance, techno, trance, progressive, and beyond. 


DJ Heartstring

"Heartstring" is an apt name for this duo, who tug at the heartstrings with large heap of nostalgia in each of their sets. They thrive in the late 90s and early 2000s era, lacing techno with hyper trance and a tasteful amount of Eurodance cheese set at high BPMs. Who doesn't love being reminded of simpler times? 


Sara Landry

Speaking of high BPMs, Sara Landry is a relative newcomer in the techno sphere who's had a deservedly meteoric rise. Known for her slamming hard soundtracking and precise mixing, she drives feet into the ground with ease. Her set will be a perfect Sunday pickup that will shock the system with enough energy to sustain until sunrise. 



We had to include one more nostalgia-heavy beatmaker in the mix via X-Coast. The Serbian-born, US-based phenomenon has been on a steady roll since his break in 2016 with 'Mango Bay.' Packing a high amount of variety into his sets, the frenetic sounds he strings together make crowds feel light and bouncy on their toes.



Experimentation fuels a mutlitalented HAAi's artistry. A former rocker who transitioned to the industrial side of the electronic underground, the vocalist took home the 'Essential Mix of the Year' trophy in 2018 and has since established herself as a worldclass performer. Expect her to shake things up with a gritty blend of breaks, techno, and beyond. 

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