Tickly New Tinnitus Relief Device Delivers Promising Results

Tickly New Tinnitus Relief Device Delivers Promising Results

It turns out that a tickle on the tongue offers a road to speedy tinnitus relief. Lenire, the newest FDA-approved device on the market, does just that. 

Lenire uses dual mode technology to help shift the brain's focus away from the uncomfortable buzzing caused by tinnitus. The contraption's main feature is a plastic mouthpiece that electronically stimulates the tongue. Simultaneously, it immerses patients in soothing audio tones, such as ocean waves. 

Clinical trials for Lenire have produced impressive results. One study out of Boston found that 84% of patients reported high levels of relief for their symptoms after just twelve weeks of daily, hour long sessions.

Time will tell whether or not the device has potential for longterm relief, as initial testing has only measured its effectiveness for about a year. For now, a growing number of audiologists are making the device their "go-to" for tinnitus treatment. 

Tinnitus currently affects over 25 million adults in the USA, according to the American Tinnitus Association. One of the ailment's primary causes comes from overexposure to loud environments. A single hour spent listening to sounds at over 100-plus decibels can cause enough damage to the inner ear hairs for both tinnitus and permanent hearing damage.

That's why it's crucial to bring strong ear protection, like DownBeats earplugs, everywhere to lower the volume—be it a concert, band gig, or even a loud bar. This way, the ears will be preserved and tinnitus kept at bay for years to come! 



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